Our Story


Our story is stronger at the core.

To understand why our approach focuses on the whole body, it’s helpful to hear our story. I’m Anne Marie DeGirolamo and I’m the founder of Tonacity. I have overcome many physical obstacles throughout my life. I was always active, participating in sports and frequenting the gym while also struggling with injuries. Years ago, I was confined to a wheelchair. I was told by doctors and experts to strength train, and, in my valiant efforts to heal my injuries, I over-trained. I spent many months in a wheelchair as part of the path to a diagnosis. I was suffering from something called outer compartment syndrome, which cut off the blood supply to my legs, leading to stress fractures in my feet and legs that weren’t healing, not to mention the emotional stress and strain.

Determined to get my life and health back, I realized that I needed to learn how to move differently. It wasn’t about specific exercises, it was about understanding how the body is connected and how it moves together. I spent every waking moment researching and learning to gain deeper knowledge about how the body works to find new ways to get stronger through movement.

Once I recovered, I decided to change my career path and bring my fitness knowledge to other people. I started teaching group fitness classes and discovered Pilates, where I learned more specifically about how the whole body works together. I gained a deeper understanding of proper alignment, the way the muscles work, the importance of a strong core and how to apply it to the different bodies of my clients. I had to “relearn” how to work-out in a way that wouldn’t injure myself or over-train. Then I got pregnant for a second time with twins! And, as strong as I was, I ended up suffering from diastasis, where the abdominal muscles separate during pregnancy. At the time, very few doctors knew how to diagnose this condition, and even fewer knew how to fix it. Some studies suggest that over 60% of women suffer from diastasis and go undiagnosed. In my case, I had to figure out how to work with this diagnosis, which gave me a completely different understanding of the importance of the core in whole body strength. Before, I thought about the core as having tight, rock-hard abs. After recovering from diastasis, I saw core strength very differently. I now know that accessing the core is much more complicated than just doing a zillion crunches and planks. My expertise helps me tailor whole body workouts to help each body move efficiently, which is the optimal way to gain and maintain strength.

Whole body fitness is the difference.

As a personal trainer, I love helping people achieve new strength that really does feel life-changing. Some people ask, “Are you just Pilates?” My answer is that fitness looks different depending on your age and your goals. Aging changes  your body, and having the right fitness plan, can help slow down those effects. There are lots of choices when it comes to your personal fitness. Some trainers might have their bootcamp or structured step-by-step approach that everyone follows. Others might be all about reps and curls and crunches. Others might be Pilates only. The Tonacity whole body approach makes us unique. We blend our knowledge of Pilates and personal training, giving you a new way to achieve your specific goals. We incorporate exercises that strengthen the core as it relates to the rest of the body, while building endurance and having some fun! Our goal is to help our clients achieve their goals, regardless of what’s happening in their bodies. It’s not just rehabing a knee or getting your pre-baby body back or training for road race, it’s learning how to train so you move in the most efficient way which ultimately makes your whole body stronger.

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