Deborah E.

I will forever be thankful to Anne Marie for changing the quality of my life. When I learned about Anne Marie’s Strength Roadmap 2022, I was at the end of my rope.  I had been suffering from leaking for several years, seen multiple healthcare professionals and had tried all the medications available for my leaking […]

Jeannie F.

I completed Anne Marie’s Program in March-May 2021.  In the beginning I was not quite sure what to expect…but it exceeded all of the expectations I did have and then some!  I was nervous that I was not as physically fit as the others that would be participating and worried I would not be able […]

Karen W.

Working with Anne Marie has been a life changing experience, no exaggeration. My husband and I are not people who like to exercise. But now we have worked out with Anne Marie every week for the last 4 years. She is encouraging, kind, non-judgmental and can pretty much fix any physical problem. Before I worked […]

Melissa R.

“When I started with Anne Marie, I was newly 40 and feeling like I had just spent the last decade drowning in parenting and really not putting much effort into my own health and fitness.  My goal was to turn over a new page in life and begin on the path of healthier living, while […]

Rob, 40, Boston area

Discovering new strength to combat chronic back pain. I have endured back pain on and off for years. During a time when my back was so bad and I could barely walk, I worked with Anne Marie in conjunction with a physical therapist. Anne Marie took the time to speak directly with my physical therapist […]

Ellen, 38, distance runner

Endurance and strength to run the Boston Marathon. As a Division 1 long distance runner, I struggled with a slew of injuries that plagued me, including IT band syndrome, a debilitating back injury, tendinitis of the knee, and 2 simultaneous femoral stress fractures that required me to be on crutches. I always wanted to run longer […]

George, 57, avid skier, Boston

Ski season conditioning & training. A lifelong skier, I started working with Anne Marie as part of conditioning for a rigorous week long back-county ski trip in the Canadian Rockies.  She activated and strengthened key muscles, helping with my endurance and general fitness during the trip. Thanks to Anne Marie, I had much less muscle […]

Kate Wheeler, Owner, Crescent Trail Pilates

The path to “strength” isn’t linear, but exploratory. Anne Marie trained and supported me as I was studying to become a Pilates Teacher through the rigorous Pilates Center program.  During my weekly lessons, Anne Marie helped me escape the stress of my studies and applied what I was learning in a clear and simple way.  […]

Amanda Mitchell, Owner, Junebug/Place & Gather Charlestown

Meeting you where you are and helping you grow. I have been training with Anne Marie for over 5 years now on a weekly basis. I have enjoyed every single session and always look forward to the next.  She is able to connect with her clients on a personal level because of the atmosphere she […]