I will forever be thankful to Anne Marie for changing the quality of my life.

When I learned about Anne Marie’s Strength Roadmap 2022, I was at the end of my rope.  I had been suffering from leaking for several years, seen multiple healthcare professionals and had tried all the medications available for my leaking issue.  Nothing had worked.  The next step was a procedure which may or may not work. I entered The Strength Roadmap with little expectations.  Even the slightest improvement would be a win for me.  At the time, I could not even walk around the block without leaking and going to the store caused tremendous anxiety.  I found myself not going on trips because of the fear of leaking. 

After just a few weeks on program, I started to see improvements and by the end of the 10 week course, not only had I learned about how to use my muscles to work together, but also how to reconnect my neural pathways to muscles I didn’t think I had (Glutes were a big win!!) My leaking improved over 90%. I can now go for long walks, spend the afternoon shopping and go on trips without worry.  What a life changer!!

Anne Marie’s course provides tremendous value. All the information is well organized with educational information, visual and audio recordings, live classes and the opportunity to ask questions. I am thankful every single day that I learned about Anne Marie’s Strength Roadmap. Definitely a 5 start decision!