Endurance and strength to run the Boston Marathon.

As a Division 1 long distance runner, I struggled with a slew of injuries that plagued me, including IT band syndrome, a debilitating back injury, tendinitis of the knee, and 2 simultaneous femoral stress fractures that required me to be on crutches. I always wanted to run longer distances and complete a marathon but with my history of injuries, I wasn’t quite sure how I could ever accomplish this feat. And after having 2 children which weakened my already unstable core, this seemed like an even loftier goal. I shared my concerns with Anne Marie and right away, I knew her approach was completely different than any strengthening program I’d utilized in the past. Anne Marie was immediately able to assess what areas of my body needed to be activated and strengthened in order to help address my existing weaknesses and inefficiencies. I began to move more efficiently almost instantly.

Our training sessions are engaging, motivating, and challenging. Anne Marie has raised my level of awareness in regards to my body mechanics and running form. She has me actively engaging my brain with my body’s movement during our sessions together. I feel mentally and physically stronger and more aware of how my body is moving now and am taping into muscles groups in my body that have been been “turned off” for quite a while. I have completed several road races over the last year including a half marathon while working with her, something I never thought would be possible. She has been such a motivating coach and partner in my return to running, and I am truly grateful as I know I wouldn’t have accomplished any of this without her! I am now training to run my first marathon in hopes of qualifying for the Boston Marathon and have never felt more confident in my body and mind to get me through 26.2!