I completed Anne Marie’s Program in March-May 2021.  In the beginning I was not quite sure what to expect…but it exceeded all of the expectations I did have and then some!  I was nervous that I was not as physically fit as the others that would be participating and worried I would not be able to complete the workouts.  However, after the first week I realized that this would not be an issue.  My favorite part of the Program was the live class once a week-I am a very busy person and don’t much take time to reflect-but the first part of each class involved sharing any wins we had that week, discussing a topic or asking questions and I loved it.  The workouts were great and I finished each one feeling much better than I had felt before.  I started to see REAL RESULTS pretty quickly and that was so rewarding.  I became more flexible, my back pain was ceasing to exist, I was so much stronger and could lift heavier things around the house (Hello, 5 gallon Poland Springs water container!), my leaking had stopped and I just felt more complete as a person. I learned how important it is to take time for yourself and that is exactly what this Program is-an investment in you!  I highly recommend it!