The Tonacity Difference

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Welcome to Tonacity, your personalized approach to building whole-body strength. Our mission is to help our clients achieve life-changing agility, energy and vitality. That all starts with our unique approach, focused on the whole body.

We believe that fitness looks different on everyone and know that our clients are looking for a new way to reach their specific fitness goals. The Tonacity Difference is all about combining knowledge, motivation and accountability with specific personalized whole-body fitness, resulting in life-changing agility, energy and vitality.

“To achieve the highest accomplishments within the scope of our capabilities in all walks of life we must constantly strive to acquire strong, healthy bodies and develop our minds to the limit of our ability.”  – Joseph Pilates

Partners in your fitness journey

We see fitness as a partnership. Our unique blend of Pilates and personal training delivers a new way to achieve your goals. We tailor each session to each client’s personal fitness level and deliver the motivation, knowledge and training to help you achieve your goals. Take advantage of training sessions either at our studio in Charlestown or in your own home. We are flexible and happy to accommodate either option and invite you to discover the Tonacity whole-body difference.

Discover life-changing strength

Our clients often come to us with personal fitness challenges. Based on many years of training, we know how to recognize imbalances in the body and what to do to correct them. We are invested in your health and strength. Some of the benefits of Tonacity include: 

  • Becoming more knowledgeable about how your body moves
  • Gaining strength and confidence
  • Conquering your personal fitness goals
  • Mastering new movement skills
  • Overcoming injuries or certain health conditions
  • Building mind/body strength
  • Living a more active and agile life

Whole-body strength for new results

  • Prenatal Fitness – Build strength to improve delivery and recovery, including safe workouts specific to your body as it changes during pregnancy.
  • Postnatal Recovery – Rebuild core strength, boost overall energy and concentrate on any specific areas for recovery including diastasis and pelvic floor.
  • Injury Recovery– Regain strength from that nagging injury to get back to life.
  • Whole-body Training – Build strength and endurance to achieve your personal fitness goals.

Please note: To ensure your comfort and safety, we ask that you consult your Physician and/or Physical Therapist to receive clearance for exercise before beginning any new activity.

Ready to get stronger at the core?

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Discovering new strength to combat chronic back pain.

I have endured back pain on and off for years. During a time when my back was so bad and I could barely walk, I worked with Anne Marie in conjunction with a physical therapist. Anne Marie took the time to speak directly with my physical therapist to make sure the information I was receiving was consistent. She was able to make sure I was doing the prescribed exercises specific to my body. This gave me new awareness around movement and building strength along with ways to modify in order to keep myself moving forward. I am now able to use that information in my daily life with a better understanding of how to help myself when my back is feeling vulnerable. Thank you, Anne Marie!

Rob, 40, Boston area

Endurance and strength to run the Boston Marathon.

As a Division 1 long distance runner, I struggled with a slew of injuries that plagued me, including IT band syndrome, a debilitating back injury, tendinitis of the knee, and 2 simultaneous femoral stress fractures that required me to be on crutches. I always wanted to run longer distances and complete a marathon but with my history of injuries, I wasn’t quite sure how I could ever accomplish this feat. And after having 2 children which weakened my already unstable core, this seemed like an even loftier goal. I shared my concerns with Anne Marie and right away, I knew her approach was completely different than any strengthening program I’d utilized in the past. Anne Marie was immediately able to assess what areas of my body needed to be activated and strengthened in order to help address my existing weaknesses and inefficiencies. I began to move more efficiently almost instantly.

Our training sessions are engaging, motivating, and challenging. Anne Marie has raised my level of awareness in regards to my body mechanics and running form. She has me actively engaging my brain with my body’s movement during our sessions together. I feel mentally and physically stronger and more aware of how my body is moving now and am taping into muscles groups in my body that have been been “turned off” for quite a while. I have completed several road races over the last year including a half marathon while working with her, something I never thought would be possible. She has been such a motivating coach and partner in my return to running, and I am truly grateful as I know I wouldn’t have accomplished any of this without her! I am now training to run my first marathon in hopes of qualifying for the Boston Marathon and have never felt more confident in my body and mind to get me through 26.2!

Ellen, 38, distance runner