“When I started with Anne Marie, I was newly 40 and feeling like I had just spent the last decade drowning in parenting and really not putting much effort into my own health and fitness.  My goal was to turn over a new page in life and begin on the path of healthier living, while simultaneously not exacerbating my ongoing pelvic floor issues.  With Anne Marie’s gentle guidance and expertise, I was able to learn a routine that was catered to my needs.  Within weeks of starting the program I began to see real results.  My body felt more tone and I felt stronger than I had in MANY years. But the best part of my work with Anne Marie, is that the fitness routine was manageable for a busy working mom like me.  Prior to working with Anne Marie, when I thought about returning to a lifestyle of exercise, I thought about hours upon hours in the gym, huffing and puffing and covered in sweat, barely able to walk the next day from being so sore.  But Anne Marie personalized approach is designed for real results without it feeling overwhelming or life consuming.  Anne Marie taught me so much about how all the muscle groups work and the importance of focusing on exercising your whole body. And she helped me incorporate fitness into my life no matter how busy life gets. The class may have only been 10 weeks but I feel like I have lifelong knowledge that I will continue to apply for years to come.  Thanks Anne Marie!”